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Are you thinking in a Digital Ecosystem?

Nowadays everything is “Digital”. “Digital organisations” exacerbate the use of new technologies to overtake “analogue organisations” in order be perceived innovative and different. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t believe that everything is about new technologies. Actually, being “Digital" is about unlocking our world and visualize a new way of doing things.

When we say “Digital”, are we just talking about connecting people? Evidently, we aren’t.

Several organizations are now embracing a digital reinvention journey to transform themselves by reshaping new connections with customers, strengthening business models or creating new market streams. It seems that these initiatives are just an initial step towards an ultimately goal - to embrace our “human needs".

Why is so important to focus our strategy around “human needs” in this digital era?

Think about what organizations are doing just now. Several organizations decided to embark a digital transformation journey because they recognized needs to replace traditional products and services with digitized solutions and meet their needs. They are using new technologies to gather customer information and further customer engagement. However, if you think that this is everything about having a “Digital Strategy”, let me go further.

Today´s organizations not only need to define personalized, differentiated and distinctive customer experience. They also need to define new offerings to packing products with information and insights to make their products more valuable. Ultimately, what customers want are integrated solutions to specific problems in a given context and with minimum effort. The more integrated service, the higher the customer value. However, this is not only a perspective of an individual service but a perspective of a complex “human need “. The scope is broader. Unfortunately, to create value for customers and meet their demand is well beyond what a single organization can achieve. This is an opportunity by . If you cannot do it by yourself, find who you can provide relevant services for your business and engage the right partner.

The next stage of digital transformation is still in the horizon. It is time not only to rethink your traditional perception of industries and markets. But also, time to think ahead and redefine new collaborative business models based on cross-industry partnership and service networks.

It is time to start building in an interacting partnership system, so-called Digital Ecosystem.

In a Digital Ecosystem, competitive advantage will not be determined by a single organization but by the entire ecosystem and strong partnership of participants. To follow a digital ecosystem strategy, there is a journey to satisfy "human needs" . Think in a new strategy, build a digital ecosystem and start your digital ecosystem journey.

Author: Dr. Jorge Orozco Vargas

Opinions expressed in this article are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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