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The Impact of IS-Business Alignment Maturity on planning strategies

Want to share the abstract of my recent article to be published in July as part of the 19th PACIS in Singapore (2015). Happy to share if you find it interesting.

Title: The impact of IS-Business alignment maturity on planning integration strategies: a management practices approach.

Abstract: this study utilises a mixed method approach to examine the relationship between IS/Business alignment practices and organisational choice of IS/business alignment strategy. To this end, the relevance of six IS/business alignment maturity factors (governance, partnership, scope and architecture, communication, value, and skills) from SAM (Strategic Alignment Maturity) model are examined against three alignment strategies (independent, sequential, and synchronous) adopted by different organisations. Our results show that governance and partnership are the most significant factors towards the evolutive process of IS/business alignment regardless of the alignment strategy. Moreover, our data shows that organisations that are most mature in partnership have a higher tendency to implement sequential integration strategy (IS strategy formulation follows and supports business strategy formulation) and not synchronous – where IS strategy formulation and business strategy formulation are done concurrently. Follow-up group discussions with senior managers were also conducted in an attempt to identify the top management practices that advance the IS/business alignment process. The discussions revealed that formalising a program management process, improving support of hierarchies of authority, and integrating collaboration values have been found to significantly advance the IS/business alignment process. Those findings are discussed and future avenues of research are offered.

Keywords: IT/IS management, IS planning, IS/Business alignment, Maturity Models, IS Strategy.

Author: Dr. Jorge Orozco Vargas

Opinions expressed in this article are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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